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How much attention does marketing need?

Often, organisations lack the time, attention and understanding to carry out an effective marketing strategy. Others become complacent, and stop giving attention to their marketing, because they’ve already got clients who aren’t going to leave them. And that’s fine, for some, but that is a complacency that I totally reject, and fear.


When these business starve their marketing of attention and funding, they focus on their infrastructure instead, like desks, phones, computer, stationary, and other stuff that doesn’t make you money. I’m shocked when I see that marketing activity isn’t the forefront of a business strategy, because it’s the principal activity in generating new business.


It’s common that when organisations tighten their spending belt, marketing is the first budget to be slashed. To win new business, your your marketing activity needs to be heavy, so I’ve never understood why some fail to grasp this, and give marketing the ax.


The most important activity, that I think should be a part of every marketing strategy, is social media. Instagram use shops, and people can now search for and access the brands they used to Google, through social media. Not to say that SEO isn’t important, but I think social media is now the primary tool for generating exposure, more so than SEO, and then websites pages are for driving traffic to convert leads.


This means that content strategy is really important, and gaining reach, developing your following, and content output that adds value, are fundamental to brand-building.


When I’m designing content, I put yourself in the shoes of the follower, not the creator. I look at the accounts I follow, and ask myself why I follow them.


For example, I follow Tyson Fury because I find him inspiring, I follow Romesh Ranganathan because I find it funny, I follow Gary Vee because it’s educating, I follow Business Insider because it’s informing, and so on.


Ask yourself, what reason would someone have to follow you? How does your brand make them feel?

So, your content should make people feel in a certain way, whether it’s to intrigue people, make them laugh, teach them something, show them a hack, entertain them, scare them, inspire them, something that brings out an emotion that makes them want to click Follow, like, or whatever it is.


Marketing is basically just manipulating people’s thoughts so that they think they’re benefiting from whatever it is you’re offering. So, knowing your audience inside and out, and what makes them tick, is where to start. 


I recently read an interesting point on marketing, and it was something along the lines of ‘proper marketing beats the best salesmen’, and I think I agree. If you’re having to try to sell something to someone, not always I’m sure, but could that mean your marketing isn’t pulling it’s weight? Surely, you want your marketing activity to have won them over before it comes to needing to "sell" to them?


If you’ve got this far, you can see how important I think marketing is.


Feel free to ignore this and go back to choosing your new chairs and stationary.

Do you think your marketing needs a bold injection of high-impact activity?

Get in touch with James at, if so.

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