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About Walsh

Walsh Communications was founded in 2022, by James, a then 21 year old.


With an intense interest in business, he set up Walsh wanting to unleash his drive and ambition, with the creative and commercial freedoms that you won't find working for a company.

This means that he has total responsibility for all clients, leaving him no choice but to pour everything he has got into providing clients with more than what they are paying for.

See James' LinkedIn.

Core Walsh values


Whatever your social class, gender, race or ethnicity we believe that everyone should have the same opportunity. Inclusion matters to us, and we empower all brands to put themselves under their own spotlight.


We empower our clients with confidence, creativity, and freedom. Our fundamental attributes are drive, ambition - it all starts with mindset. Attitude underpins success - without it talent is nothing. 


Everything is whacky and strange until someone tries it. We are the authors and it’s in our hands to write the story, so we unleash creativity with no boundaries, to create something truly unique. 


The long-term matters to us. In everything we do, we look at the big picture, and ensure it drives toward long-term growth, is in line with values, and takes to the next level.


Our work is more than just marketing a product. We want to use our work as an instrument to generate meaningful impact, and contribute to a purposeful cause.

We are ready when you are

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